the final word (2018)

The Final Word is a short film written, directed, and edited by Kai Orion. Brian Novotny, a reclusive writer, ventures outside of The Neighborhood in search of the perfect final word to end his latest novel. Along the way he discovers a pun-filled world of words and whimsy, and learns a great deal about the true nature of mailboxes.


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Short Films


Dear Mr. Smith (A Monologue)

Mr. Smith hears back about his submission to the Natural History Museum. Written and directed by Kai Orion Starring Alex Hammer Filmed by Sherwyn Santos

Happy Birthday, Jimmy

It's time little Jimmy learned how to cut a cake. Written/Directed/Cinematography/Editing by Kai Keefe Actors: Dan Golub, Patrick Simons, Jacob Myers, Sophia Myers, Ken McCabe, Victor Morales, Erin Lee

Broccoli Hands

Jimmy awakens one morning to find himself stricken with a peculiar ailment. It's a bad day for visitors... Written, directed, and edited by: Kai Keefe Cinematography by: Wes Albright Producer: Eric Fowler Production Assistant: Jeremy Snow Music by: nauj325 In Association with The Maryland Filmmaker's Club