scientist of sound

"To say recording one of his songs live requires a serious attention to details is an understatement."
-72 Hours Feature

celebrity playlist: kai orion

"Kai Orion is one of our favorite artists in the history of forever, and his 2015 set, “Pots & Pans,” was nothing short of a masterpiece."
-Celebrity Playlist

A Q&A with Kai Orion

"Kai Orion is heading to Frederick Coffee Co. to perform and goodness, gracious you should care. Why? Because if you remember, he released one of the most brilliant albums we’ve ever heard a couple years ago."
-Frederick Playlist

pots & Pans Album review

"Kai Orion's 'Pots & Pans' is, without question, the most ambitious record of 2015... the nuances are many. The ingenuity is unparalleled. The execution is mind-blowing. The end result is genius. A secret world, indeed."
-The Frederick News Post

Song Premiere: Beautiful Darkness

"Beautiful Darkness has a Peter Gabriel vibe (somewhere between 1986's So and 2002's Up which is a good thing) that isn't nearly as prevalent as one might imagine in today's pop spectrum"
-Brightest Young Things

Listening Party: Quiet Love

"Just when you think you’ve heard every unconventional musical idea, someone comes along to let you know that you haven’t. What makes these unconventional methods especially interesting is when they are used to make music that has more conventional structure."
-DCist Magazine

glory in sound: kai orion

"The amount of creativity and work that has gone into creating Pots & Pans is astounding. Kai Orion has taken the sounds from life and turned them into something beautiful."

-Glory in Sound