studio releases


Start To End (2019 Album)

Start to End is Kai Orion’s second album. Textured, nuanced, and heartfelt experimental rock.


cntrl (ep)

Cntrl is the first single from Kai Orion's upcoming second album. Beatbox flute, wine glasses, vacuum cleaners, and other experimental sounds blend with traditional rock instruments to create a soundscape that's bizarre yet familiar


Pots & Pans (2015 Album)

"Without question, the most ambitious record of 2015" - The Frederick News Post

Pots & Pans is Kai Orion's debut found-sound pop album. It was created entirely using everyday sounds and objects from the real world as 'instruments' to accompany his voice. Each song represents a different 'setting' from which key sounds and lyrical ideas are inspired. 


Live at wmuc (live ep)

beautiful darkness (single)